Motivation to Stop Addiction


Sometimes all you need is a little motivation, from the days where you really didn’t want to do your homework, right till this very moment. I believe that beating addiction is entirely based on the motivation to want to beat it. Why do you think people are fat? Because they are not motivated to go to the gym to work out. Well that applies to drug abuse too. If you are not motivated to fight your addiction and quit it, then you are never going to.

My theory is this, every person on this planet has an addiction to something, some may be more pronounced than others, but none the less they all have something. And in order to beat that addiction everybody needs a motivation, now this motivation can come in different formats, some people are told that they will die if they keep up their habits, and for some people that is the motivation they need to make the drastic lifestyle changes required.

But for a lot of other people that point might not come because maybe they are able to hide their addiction behind facades, so what can I do to help those people. Well first of all the moment they realise that they have an addiction I will be able to start helping them by providing motivational speeches, phone calls and even emails if that’s what it takes. I will then develop a simple plan to help them achieve their desired lifestyle changes.

drugThe honest truth is that once you have made that first choice, the choice to start the battle against your addiction, everything else will come with ease. Because your mind plays such a massive part in the addiction world. And once you have come to the conclusion that change needs to happen, you just need that voice of confirmation, to push you on. Push you to the limits of your possibilities. I promise you, that by the time I’m done with you, you won’t even recognise yourself anymore. Because when you look in the mirror after my program, you will see a strong, new born person. A character like a lion and the fight like a bull at a rodeo.

I have worked with a lot of clients over the years, and I will be honest with you, a lot of them have wanted to quit while they were going through my program. I will tell you why, because most of the time it wasn’t their choice to quit their substance abuse. They didn’t choose to change their life, but rather were told to change it. I cannot change you my friend, I can just help you achieve your own goals. I don’t want to hear “it’s too hard”, “I can’t deal with this”. From now on your voice is one of power and one of confidence, when you are in the room you will speak clearly and powerfully because you are convinced of every word you say.

Let me wrap this up for you. If you want to change your life and feel as if you have been born again, you should join my program and work with me. Because I can promise you that if you give everything you got, and I do the same, we can change the world together my friend. Your world!

And once you have battled with the beast of addiction and have won the fight, that my friend is the moment you can thank me, because then you are truly the master of your body and soul.

I cannot wait to work with you in the near future.